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This is to inform the public at large that Karma Electric (Vasi Khan) is the sole owner of the trademark “AudioLotus” having conceptualized and used since 2004.

Mr. Vasi Khan is the proprietor of Karma Electric and is the chief designer/engineer of all AudioLotus products.  The equipments are conceptualised, designed & engineered solely by Mr. Vasi Khan and manufactured, installed, and serviced by the team at Karma Electric.  Mr. Vasi Khan & Mr. Charlie Singh are the designated partners of Fat Funk India LLP, the company currently dealing with the sales and supply of AudioLotus products.  Fat Funk India LLP and Karma Electric are the only two entities responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing of AudioLotus products.

Recently, it has been noticed that an entity by the name of Rattle & Hum is manufacturing and distributing sub standard loudspeakers both in sonic & build quality under the “AudioLotus” mark.

Karma Electric expressly states that we are not associated with any such entity/organization/individual, including but not limited to Rattle & Hum or similar, and we shall not be responsible for any of the equipment bought directly or indirectly from these establishments under the brand name “AudioLotus”.

Good patrons of Karma Electric have notified us of the inferior quality products and poor installation carried out by Rattle & Hum in some of the venues and unethical practises, practiced by Rattle & Hum to gain business opportunities & tarnish the names of Karma Electric & Mr. Vasi Khan.  We advise the public at large to be diligent and take into consideration the aforementioned facts prior to deciding on any such purchase.

Please note, that we have exercised our rights in law and filed the necessary petitions before the courts of competent jurisdiction and the office of the registrar of trademarks, India. All these proceedings are pending adjudication.

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